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Asbestos Abatement & Removal

asbestos abatement services in Midwest

Once commonly used in insulation, flooring, and roofing materials until the late 1970s, asbestos has been found to be a dangerous pollutant in many schools and other private and public buildings. A solution to managing this harmful product is to hire the right licensed contractor for removal or encapsulation.

Choosing the right contractor—one that has a solid track record—is the most important step. As a Midwest regionally certified asbestos abatement & removal contractor, Robinson Brothers is committed to customer satisfaction. One of their main goals is to reduce the potential liability for clients by providing the safest possible working conditions, complete bonding, and specific asbestos abatement liability insurance. As a result, Robinson Brothers' reputation in the industry speaks for itself.

Robinson Brothers provides quality asbestos abatement services for the following:

  • School Districts
  • Federal & State Buildings
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Power Plants
  • Medical Building
  • Naval Ships
  • Hospitals

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Lead Remediation

midwest lead abatement services

Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in paint and in leaded gas. The federal government banned the use of lead in 1978. However, lead materials can still be found in buildings built before 1978 or in contaminated dust or soil.

Robinson Brothers Lead Abatement Division has utilized its many years of experience in asbestos and other hazardous materials cleanup projects to develop abatement procedures that either meet or exceed all Federal and State requirements.

Robinson Brothers also realizes that any abatement action is a disruption to the operation, or daily activity, of a facility. This is why Robinson Brothers strives to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule with the least amount of disruption to their client's operations and work environment.

Robinson Brothers Lead Abatement Division provides services in:

  • Firing Range Clean-up
  • Sand Blasting
  • Paint Stripping & Re-Painting
  • Historical Preservation

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demolition contractors in the midwest

Robinson Brothers has provided demolition services on a wide variety of projects, including government, commercial and residential work. Services range from demolition and site restoration to soil remediation and scrap and salvage recycling, and are all completed with performance, results and safety in mind.

In addition, Robinson Brothers' Demolition Division provides clients throughout the Midwest with quality workmanship, rapid response, expansive mobilization capabilities, and many years of experience.

Demolition Division services include:

  • Building Demolition
  • Select Demolition
  • Crushing & Concrete Recycling
  • Scrap & Salvage Recycling
  • Site Restoration
  • Soil Remediation
  • Pond Creation
  • Concrete Removal

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Commercial HVAC Cleaning

commerical and industrial HVAC cleaning

When properly done, commercial HVAC cleaning not only improves air quality, but also improves airflow and efficiency. Robinson Brothers' many years of expertise in providing air quality solutions along with their video monitoring system means their clients actually see the results they expected.

The professionals at Robinson Brothers have the knowledge, tools, equipment, and expertise to provide clientele in the Midwest with peace of mind regarding their commercial HVAC cleaning needs. In addition, Robinson Brothers can provide any of their services outside of normal business hours, making it convenient for their clients to manage the needs of their businesses.

Robinson Brothers commercial HVAC cleaning experience includes:

  • Restaurant Grease Duct Cleaning Services
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Flexible Duct Cleaning
  • AHU Cleaning

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Mold Remediation & Water Clean-up

commercial mold remediation and water cleanup in the midwest

Tight construction schedules, unpredictable weather patterns, and air-tight buildings mean moisture remains in buildings thereby giving mold a perfect opportunity to grow. If water damage is not addressed immediately, mold can grow quickly causing severe health problems.

In particular, certain types of mold have been found to be significant health hazards in addition to subverting the structural integrity of a building. Robinson Brothers has been at the leading edge of developing procedures to find the source, contain the source, and eliminate the mold problem. Robinson Brothers works in contained areas using a step-by-step remediation program to minimize disruption to the client's scheduled activities.

Robinson Brothers has been involved with mold remediation projects for over two decades. In addition to private residences, Robinson Brothers has provided mold and water remediation for hotels, schools, state and federal buildings, medical facilities, and apartment complexes.

Services provided by Robinson Brothers:

  • Mold Clean-up and Restoration
  • Water Clean-up Due to Flooding, Fire, or Plumbing Failure

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additional environmental services

Additional Services

In addition to the other services listed on this site, Robinson Brothers provides additional specialty contracting and cleaning services throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Robinson Brothers provides services for state, federal, and local governments; industrial; retail; commercial; and residential clients.

Whatever your problem or need, Robinson Brothers has been providing services for more than 20 years which is why they are the leading environmental and specialty projects contractor.

Below is a list of Robinson Brothers additional contracting services:

  • Scrap & Salvage Recycling
  • Historic Homes Clean-up & Restoration
  • Brown Field Clean-up
  • Animal Waste Clean-up
  • Boiler Removal
  • Sandblasting
  • Dust Control

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