Thursday 13 February 2020

It's a major award!
Safety Award

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It's a major award!

The 2019 ABC of Wisconsin Chapter Safety Awards Program was held today and Robinson Brothers was awarded the Gold Safety Award of Honor. 

We are very proud to receive this award, in fact, so proud, we wanted to take a look back at a couple other years we won safety awards.

We received a Safety Award of Excellence for the work we did in back in 2014. Robinson Brothers had over 240,000 hours on 340 projects that year to qualify in the Large Contractor category for award. 

Here is a shot of a few of our employees with Robinson Brothers' 2016 Gold Safety Award. 

This one is of Mike Bricco accepting our Gold Safety Award in 2017.

These pictures are great! 

They don't necessarily capture the hard work that goes into winning these safety recognition awards.

Robinson Brothers' employees spend hours, if not days, every year in training and instruction on safety practices and identifying jobsite hazards. Supervisors devote a large amount of their day ensuring that projects and employees are being monitored for safety. Without our employees' expertise and attention to detail on jobs, Robinson Brothers would not be in a position to be recognized for our safety practices and standards.  

So thank you, Robinson Brothers employees, and be proud! This Gold Safety Award of Honor is for you.

(and a big "Thank You!" to ABC of Wisconsin for providing safety solutions and training for our company)

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